How thousands of customers show love for Buc-ee's on Instagram

KATY, Texas – When you love something, you put it on Instagram.

That's what tens of thousands of people have done to declare their devotion to Texas-based Buc-ee's. There are currently 65,638 posts on Instagram with the #Bucees hashtag. 

Here are 20 customer posts that prove the greatest pit stop in Texas is worth the hype. 

1. Buc-ee's is not just about snacks. @pushbuttonproducer says he buys chicken-stuffed with dirty rice every time he travels to Houston.

2. The more mascots, the better! @gg_photography_satx snapped this picture at the Katy store.

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#bucees #katytexas @buceestexas

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3. @aaaaaaannie shows us that even four-legged Texans love Buc-ee's!

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Buc-ee’s Upd-ate

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4. @robymb shared some potty humor on his Instagram page. Hey, we all know one of the best things about Buc-ee's is their squeaky clean bathrooms!

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Travel Truth. #bucees #baytown #robyinorlando

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5. @heybettyday shows us you're never too young to be a Buc-ee's fan!

6. Buc-ee's really does have everything; @eletelephant is a fan of the gummi peachies.

7. How cool is this?!? @greystitches made a Buc-ee's quilt!

8. Call the fire department, @digi_saylor may start a fire with this Buc-ee's product.

9. Groovy, man! @shaylablack took this psychedelic picture on a family road trip!

10.  Sugar high! @brellbasaur called this Buc-ee's treat "the bees knees."

11. @hipcarrie went with a black-and-white look for her photo. She said she was moving out of state but would miss the best rest-stop in the world.

12. @coach2cop with the Wharton shoutout. His caption says it best: "Even when you don't need to stop."

13. Maybe the cutest Buc-ee's fan ever? @babyteag posted this photo of an adorable baby wearing some equally-adorable souvenirs.

14. Buc-ee's is so beloved, it's even the topic of memes! This one posted by #brittany_y3 is hilarious (also true).

15. It's not all about sugar and starch at Buc-ee's! @nolagirlatx shows us you can find some healthy snacks there as well.

16. Same, @flchefnicole, same.

17. Buc-ee's is the cat's meow. This photo is purrfect, @mikokitties

Ever been to Bucees? Fatty has! #bucees

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18. @posey4 says Beaver Nuggets + Astros viewing party = perfect night. 

19. The Texas sky serving as a great backdrop to Buc-ee's makes a great photo, @lbajuyo 

20. Ummmmmm, this is a new one, @ginjaningerman