Fans getting Astros pride inked

HOUSTON – Tattoo artist G6 says his tattoo and body piercing studio on Telephone Road in the 2nd Ward has seen an increase in the number of Astros fans wanting to show their love by getting tatted up for their favorite team.

We know Houston rapper Paul Wall is a big Astros fan. He's also a customer at G6 Studios. 

G6 said Wall has been by to freshen up his Astros tattoos. Other fans are also flocking to the studio. 

"I'm seeing at least right now 10 to 15 people coming in a week just to get something Astros related," G6 said. "Whether it was just like a little star or something that says Astros."

G6 said he can get about as elaborate as a customer is willing to pay for.

Here you can see the three most popular Astros-related tattoos his customers request. The one in the top right-hand corner is the No. 1 request. 

It is followed by the design directly below it, which features the Astros logo with a rendition of the Astrodome. The third-most popular design of G6 customers is the one in the middle of the bottom row that features the Astros orange star with an "H" on top of it.

For G6, it's tattoos are not just a form of art, they're it's a way to support his hometown.

"Anytime I go to draw something up for one of my clients, I always put like a Houston or H-Town twist to it because of the love for my city," G6 said. "Baseball and Astros and everything."

G6 said customized tattoos start at around $300 and take at least an hour to complete.

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