A look at how Red Cross spent money donated for Hurricane Harvey victims

HOUSTON – Nearly one month after Channel 2 Investigates received an emphatic “Yes” from Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern, Channel 2 circled back with the organization regarding much money has been spent including asking for specific breakdowns. 

The Red Cross tells Channel 2 Investigates they estimate they will spend $42.3 million on food, shelter and relief items for Harvey Victims. 

They were unable to provide specific costs for meals attributing it variables such as what they received in donations as opposed to what they purchased. They also were unable to provide costs for blankets citing that they could have been purchased at various price points in the past.

The Red Cross admits to raising more than $350 million dollars in Harvey donations. Channel 2 Investigates specifically asked how much has been spent in Houston? A spokeswoman says they do not break down their figures city-by-city.

What we were able to identify through Red Cross financials is that they are holding onto $106 million, which is 30 percent, for long term recovery programs.  

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