Bold car thief caught on camera stealing Mercedes Benz from NW Houston gas station

Syed Uddin, 48, offering reward for answers in case of stolen car

HOUSTON – At 48-years-old, Syed Uddin, a husband, father of 4 children and a Northwest Houston gas station owner, said he still can’t believe how boldly and brazenly a car thief acted in stealing his 2009 Mercedes Benz sedan.

“He has the guts to get into my car, he was not scared of anything about what’s going to happen to him. I was only 30 feet away inside my station," Uddin said.

VIDEO: Car thief caught on surveillance video in NW Houston

The caught-on-camera rip-off took place at Uddin's Conoco gas station at 13204 FM 529.

Uddin had parked his car at the gas pumps out front while he was taking care of business inside the convenience store. He said he could have walked out the door at any minute, but the car thief didn’t care.

To make matters worse, Uddin said his car keys had fallen out of his pocket while he was driving, so the keys to the car had to have been sitting on the seat or the floor of the car.

Through surveillance video recorded by security cameras inside the gas station, you can clearly see the car thief driving up in a black pickup truck, getting out, circling Uddin's Mercedes and then jumping into Uddin's car through the passenger door.

The thief spent a full 60 seconds rummaging through the vehicle before finding the keys and taking off with the Mercedes, with the passenger door still wide open.

One hour later, the thief was captured on camera buying dinner at a Burger King restaurant on Memorial Drive.

Of the items inside Uddin's stolen car was his wallet with $700 inside, three credit cards, three pairs of sunglasses and an expensive Movado watch.

“If people see my car and come forward, if they come forward and give me information, I will give them a $500 reward,"  Uddin said.

The car is a black Mercedes Benz S550 with license plate number  BC2C904.

The thief is described as a Hispanic man, about 25 years old and 6 feet tall.

Uddin has requested anyone with information about the theft email him

The Harris County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the case as the car remains missing.

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