Hurricane Harvey leaves behind piles of sediment at Buffalo Bayou Park

HOUSTON – We've seen a lot of out-of-the-ordinary things after Harvey.

Piles of a thick sand-like substance, or sludge, have been found in certain areas, including at Buffalo Bayou Park.

The Buffalo Bayou Park Partnership said it's going to take a couple of months to remove all of it.

The sheer amount of it definitely isn't something that has been seen before.

"Usually after storms we do have some sediment. But this has been just incredible. In some areas of the park, (there is) up to six or seven feet. So, it's all over the trails. People can't walk or bike, but our first priority was to clear the trails, and that's pretty much done now," said Anne Olson, president of the Buffalo Bayou Park Partnership.

As for the safety of the sludge, the partnership said testing on the sediment is scheduled for next week.

Once the test is done, results should come in within five to seven days.

How they remove the sediment will depend on the test results.

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