Rash of crimes reported in Oak Forest neighborhood

HOUSTON – Home surveillance cameras were rolling in a northwest-side neighborhood over the weekend near Ella Boulevard and 43rd Street.

The cameras captured the moment a group of four people was seen walking down the street, seemingly casing the place.

Not long after, they break into a minivan and steal it.

"It's disturbing to see how many there were and (how) relaxed they were. They weren't worried about anything," said Gordon Taylor. Burglars broke into his truck several weeks ago.

Taylor lives not too far away from where the van was stolen.

"I had bought a new socket set and they grabbed it out of the back floorboard, grabbed some saws that I had been using up at the ranch," Taylor said.

Across the street was yet another victim, whose tailgate was recently stolen.

"Twice. Caught them the first time and they came back and got it two days later," Charlie Cunningham said.

WATCH: Surveillance video of van stolen in Oak Forest

Neighbors aren't sure if the same group is responsible for all the crimes in their area.

They say they're fed up.

"I'm not scared. I don't think anybody else is. It's just ridiculous to have to go through this and be inconvenienced," Cunningham said.

The residents want those responsible to think twice about coming back to their neighborhood.

"I tell you, if I hear them, I'm going to chase them. I'm not going to just sit back," Cunningham said.

"We've got your picture. Don't play here anymore. Game's over," said Taylor.

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