Show must go on: Alley Theatre holds opening night at UH Quintero Theatre

HOUSTON – The show must go on for the cast and crew at the Alley Theatre.

The group was preparing for the debut of the production "Describe the Night" by New York-based playwright Rajiv Joseph when Harvey struck.

The theater was inundated with feet of water, destroying the set and props, and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

"We went down to the Alley and saw it was basically underwater, the theater space we were gonna be in, and we just didn't think it was possible to move on from that," Joseph said.

So Joseph and the team at the Alley reached out to the University of Houston for help.

UH offered the Quintero Theatre as a space to host the production, and the crew quickly began to rebuild the set and rehearse the play.

In 20 days, the cast and crew were prepared to debut the play the night of its intended premier in their new temporary venue.

"The fact that we're going on stage in front of an audience tonight is remarkable and a testament to every single person who's been working for the Alley the past month," Joseph said.

In addition to extensive damage to the theater, several employees lost their homes to flooding.

The organization has started a fund to benefit flood victims.

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