Could eclipse be dangerous for pregnant women?

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There are beliefs in several cultures across the world that a total solar eclipse can be harmful to pregnant women and even lead to deformities in babies.

Health reporter Haley Hernandez sat down with a UTMB OB/GYN who said there's no scientific way that's true.

"Labor and delivery is very interesting sometimes. They're super quiet and then some days everybody's coming at the door ready to have the baby, so there is some kind of feeling that it's not the same everyday," said Dr. Pooja Patel.

If you're waiting to find out if this day is any different, you should know, the beliefs about the solar system and pregnancy are so deeply rooted in some cultures that national health experts have studied the ideas that it could increase labor, or even lead to a cleft lip. The results show that those ideas are nothing more than superstitious.

"There's been a couple of studies that show there was no correlation between the moon and what I was saying about deliveries or even cleft lips. There's been no studies to show that," said Patel "I had never heard of it, but I found it interesting that different cultures from all around the world feel the same exact specific deformity so it was interesting, but I have never heard of it or seen it."

She said there are similar ideas about labor and a full moon, and she can atest that it feels like more women give birth during a full moon, but again, there's no science to prove the theory.