Greenspoint Mall in process of being sold, sources say

HOUSTON – The future of Greenspoint Mall could soon become clear once a group of investors finalizes a deal to buy the property and redevelop it.

A KPRC Channel 2 source familiar with the sale said the mall would close once the deal is final, which could take a couple months.

We reached out to the parties tied to the deal and we're waiting to hear back, but the Houston Chronicle reports a company made up of investors called Global Plaza Union agreed to buy the property and turn it into a mixed-use development. 

The company wouldn't reveal its exact plans until the deal is final, according to the Houston Chronicle.

"Back then it was a lot more stores, it was really popular, I don’t know what happen. Just all the other stores started closing,” shopper Sandra Romero said.

She and her family were at Greenspoint Mall Friday evening, but she said they only went to get school uniforms.

“I think it's a great idea. I think it will help out around here. Not many people come around because the area seems a little, you know, not looking too good,” Romero said.

Walk inside the mall and many big name retailers have left.

"I was hurt when they closed Macy's,” said Jarelle Brush who said he grew up going to Greenspoint Mall. “This is home to a lot of people and a lot of people shop here.  I know for African-American, we all get our clothes for here,” said Brush. “Everyday I was hooping at Greenspoint Mall, at the Fitness Connection, this is my home. So if they shut it down I know I would be hurt."

Many of the stores are either shoe, hat or jewelry stores.

"That's why I’m leaving now, because there's nothing here we're actually looking for some clothes for the kids,” said Michael Johnson who at the mall with his family. “This mall needs to be more than redeveloped it needs to start all over again."

"I do understand that from an economic standpoint,” said Brush of the  transaction." I feel like they should do some social development and find some store that market this area, instead of just closing it down.”

The timeline of what happens with the mall is still unclear and depends on the sale.

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