4th-graders granted free admission to national parks for year

As the new school year gets underway for students across the country, fourth-graders and their families will be granted free admission to national parks and other federal lands for a year.

This is part of the "Every Kid in a Park" initiative, which was created so these students could discover the nation’s wildlife, resources and history for free.

All you need is a fourth-grade pass which is valid for the duration of the school year through the following summer, beginning in September and ending in August.

This program only provides passes for fourth graders.

Why fourth graders? According to the website everykidinapark.gov, "We chose fourth graders because research shows that kids ages nine to 11 are beginning to learn about the world around them. They're open to new ideas, and they are likely to connect to nature and our history. We offer the pass to fourth graders every year. Over time, every kid can get a free pass to explore our country."

Parents will need to print the pass and bring it with them when they visit. Electronic copies aren't accepted. The pass has a unique code, meaning you can't copy it and give it to friends.

Encourage others to get their own pass.

To get your pass, just click here.

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