Business owners fight against crime in Chinatown

HOUSTON – A surveillance in the heart of a Chinatown parking lot captured a robber targeting an unsuspecting person inside a vehicle. 

The man is scene in the 9100 block of Bellaire opening the passenger door, taking something from the front seat, then racing back to the getaway car. 

Alarming crimes like this one are the focus of an upcoming public safety meeting aimed at empowering members of the Asian community. 

The goal is to tackle those obstacles that continue to create public safety challenges, such as the influx of new immigrants and language and cultural barriers. 

Many do business with cash and that has led to home invasions and driveway robberies.

“It’s about educating the public. Especially being in a minority Chinatown area. That’s going to be very vital,” said Stephen Le Jr, a board member with the Southwest Management District.

The cause for concern is serious. Earlier this year, a takeover robbery at a Chinatown restaurant turned deadly.

A 57 year old customer who fought back against the robbers was shot and killed.

The four young adults, who police said were involved, are now facing capital murder charges.

Le is concerned that some crimes are going unreported. He hopes to use this meeting as a way to change that behavior.

“It just takes time. It’s not a simple, easy fix. you can't just throw more HPD, security out in the public and expect things to be resolved,” Le said.

The public meeting is Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. at the Chinese Community Center, 9800 Town Park.The event is free. 

Some of the speakers include Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, HPD Executive Asst. Chief Troy Finner and State Rep. Gene Wu. 

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