Woman, 91, kicked out of Sunnyside home


HOUSTON – After calling this home on Ashburn Street for more than 60 years, 91-year-old Jane Scott was kicked out on Monday.

“All of my taxes are paid for the year,” Scott said.

Scott’s attorney, Eraka Childs, said the eviction stems from a 2015 insurance bill for $853 on Scott’s reverse mortgage.

She claims even though Scott paid the bill electronically on April 21, 2015, Scott found out her home had already been foreclosed on when she went to court earlier this year.

“There was a gap in the communication and they moved forward with the foreclosure not knowing she had paid. That’s what it looks like,” said LaTrice Martin, a community activist who’s been working with Scott.

As part of the court’s order, deputies with the Harris County Precinct 7 Constable’s office spent much of the morning monitoring the removal of Scott’s personal belongings from the home, including furniture and clothes. A third party was hired to move her things out and police stayed at the house to make sure everything remained peaceful.

Scott was so upset, she couldn’t bear to watch.

One of the deputies, who is also a real estate agent, recently tried talking to the lender.

“She wanted to try to get them to change things and they would not,” a spokeswoman said.

Late Monday afternoon, Scott was told she could move back into her house for the time being, after the court granted her a temporary restraining order. But by no means is it a permanent fix.

“We're going to fight it. We are going to get her back in her home. Get this property rescinded and then we are going to begin educating our people. That's what we are going to do,” Martin said.

On Thursday, Scott's attorney said she had reach an agreement with her loan service that would allow Scott to remain in her home as long as she stays current on taxes and insurance.

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