WATCH: Tea dispensers fly, shirt comes off in viral video of fight at Taco Bell

Man who identifies himself as manager says woman was picking up last check


CONVERSE, Texas – Forget Kermit, it was a former Taco Bell employee serving tea in a viral video posted over the weekend.

A 6-minute video of a confrontation between a man, who identifies himself to authorities as the manager of the Taco Bell, and a woman, who the man says is a former employee, is making its rounds on social media.

The video begins with the former employee shouting at the manager before the manager engages a younger man next to the former employee. The woman interrupts the pair and is heard saying "How old are you, little girl?" to the manager.

The former employee then chucks the contents of the tea dispenser at the man who alleges to be the manager of the taco joint.

The manager doesn't appear to take it lightly and returns fire -- finding a large tea dispenser behind the counter to throw at the woman.

The former employee, who is still carrying the now-emptied tea dispenser, counters the manager's attack by throwing her own tea dispenser at the manager.

Then, the woman walks behind the counter while an employee enters the frame saying "No Margarita!"

The exchange can be seen in the video below... 

WARNING: Explicit language is used in the videos below. The language may be unsuitable for some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

78 wildn😧💀 pic.twitter.com/DxEMn2Nmud

— CPDAJUICEGOD🍊 (@perrymanc0968) July 14, 2017

Toward the end of the first video, the manager is seen taking off his shirt to fight the younger man -- an employee in the video set is overheard saying the younger man is the former employee's son.

Due to Twitter's limit on video length, the video was uploaded in increments by Twitter user @Perrymanc0968. The Twitter user said he did not shoot the video himself and saw the video on Facebook.

It's unclear where the video originated because links to the original post come back as invalid. 

Things die down in the second video...

Pt.2 pic.twitter.com/xL2ORhmXpd

— CPDAJUICEGOD🍊 (@perrymanc0968) July 15, 2017

The woman and shirtless manager continue to argue in the kitchen and the woman arms herself with a metal spatula. All of this while a customer waits for their order in the drive thru.

An employee puts herself between the man and woman saying "Arturo, Arturo -- the police is coming."

Authorities show up in the third video...

When the police officers enter the Taco Bell, the shirtless manager tells authorities "She's fired, she doesn't work here anymore. I'm the manager," and "She's here picking up her last check." 

One officer begins handcuffing the woman as the woman attempts to plead her case saying "I didn't do anything to him. It was him."

Meanwhile a second officer instructs the manager to put his shirt on and calm down.

The employee recording the ordeal collects the former employee's personal items and as she is about to turn them over to officers, she turns around to see four officers swarming around the woman's son in the Taco Bell parking lot, handcuffing him while he's on the ground.

Twitter users say this all went down at a Taco Bell in Converse, Texas...

An employee of the Taco Bell at 8630 West Farm to Market Road 78 in Converse said the incident did happen at that location, but could not provide any other information as to when the incident happened, what led up to the confrontation or if the individuals were still employed.

It's also unclear if the drive thru customer got their order.

We will update this report as more information is made available.