Woman says United employee kicked her head while she was sleeping at Bush Intercontinental Airport

HOUSTON – Lindsay Urbani, an airline passenger who said she was assaulted, explained, "I have horrible anxiety. I'm not sleeping. I feel completely violated."

Wiping away her tears, Urbani says what was supposed to be a dream vacation turned into a nightmare before it ever began.

"It's honestly ruined my trip. This is all I've been doing the whole time," she said.

Urbani was flying from San Francisco to Belize for a 10-day trip, with a layover in Houston on Saturday night through Sunday morning.

She decided to take a nap in the nondenominational chapel in a United Airlines terminal.

What she says happened next, though, she couldn't believe.

"I was woken up by someone kicking me in the head. I immediately got up and asked the person why he had did that," Urbani said.

According to Urbani, the man kicked her in the head, told her she couldn't sleep there and rolled out a prayer rug and started praying.

She then asked again why he had kicked her.

"His response was he didn't want me to miss my flight, to which I told him I didn't need him to do that," Urbani said.

Still in shock, Urbani wanted to know who the man was and asked for a name, but she said he wouldn't provide

As he was walking out, Urbani was able to snap photos of the man.

"At that point, he grabbed his jacket and radio and started putting it on and started walking out of the chapel. And that is when I snapped the two pictures," Urbani said.

Urbani still caught her flight and went on vacation, but it was hardly the memory she was hoping to enjoy.

"I'm not OK with what happened," Urbani said.

She's since filed a police report and contacted the airline in hopes of tracking the man down -- to answer for what she says he did.

Here is a statement from United:

“We have spoken with Ms. Urbani, and we are very concerned by the experience she shared with us. We are urgently reviewing the matter to further understand what happened. The employee has been suspended while we review the incident.”

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