Several workers at new Houston restaurant claim their paychecks bounced

HOUSTON – Several workers at Beer Nation, a new restaurant located in the 11600 block of Westheimer Road, say they haven't been paid since May 8.

"We got one check," said Terence Thomas, who has worked at Beer Nation since it opened a little more than a month ago. "After that, no checks."

"I got a call from the people I bank with and they told me that the check I deposited had bounced," said Briana Wilson, another worker. She had a copy of the returned check and a notice from her bank.

"May 8 was over a month ago." Wilson said. "That's why I'm reaching out. Something needs to be done. It's not right."

Larry Kakos, the general manager of Beer Nation, told KPRC 2 over the phone this is a brand-new company and the first restaurant its owners have owned.

The owners are based in Michigan, he said.

Kakos admits many workers, including him, haven't been paid.

"Every single person will be paid," he said. "Hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday of this week coming."

Kakos said there were problems with some of the checks, duplicate checks and incorrect Social Security numbers.

He also admits that payroll was "sky high." Right now, the owners owe about $6,000 in back wages, he said.

"Everybody works and everybody wants to get paid," said Thomas.

"For them to just do their employees like that is crazy," said Wilson.

Thomas said if he doesn't get paid he will no longer work at Beer Nation.

Wilson has quit.

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