Men play beer pong in busy Houston intersection

HOUSTON – We've seen people playing basketball in the middle of a Houston intersection. We've seen a man stop traffic on the busy Gulf Freeway to propose to his girlfriend. Now, there has been another bizarre traffic distraction on an H-Town street.

A new viral Facebook post shows two men playing beer pong on a busy intersection on the north side of town.

[VIDEO: Video of people playing beer pong in Houston street]

Sol Uresti posted the video Thursday. It shows two men playing beer pong with cars maneuvering around them. According to the post, it was recorded at West Road and Airline along I-45. 

“We pulled out the table. We set it up, put Hawaiian punch, grabbed the balls, had the table and put it right here in the middle,” Uresti said.

“We’re trying to be different and unique, trying to have fun,” said Juan Johnson.

The group said drivers were having fun with them.

“They were just honking and saying, ‘Man y’all crazy.’ They were laughing and stuff like that,” said Goldie Castaneda.

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As of Friday morning, the post had 1,555 shares, 106,000 views and nearly 700 comments.

The comments on the Facebook post range from humorous to reprimanding.

Ricky Perez wrote: "If this goes viral bro ur gonna go to jail lol."

Rudy Ru Villarreal wrote: "It's all fun and games till somebody get ran over lol."

Miguel Antonio Yañez wrote: "They chose a dangerous area for sure man."

Police said the men won’t face charges since no one reported it to them. Still, they encourage others not to pull these type of pranks.

“Doing this prank can affect not only yourself, the people in the intersection and also people who will copycat the situation,” said HPD Officer John Williams.

Other people were not laughing about the prank on Friday.

“They should be warned first. This ain’t no playground,” said Linda Casas.

“It’s dangerous, especially right here. This is a very busy intersection,” said Laura May.

The post is also on Instagram: @realsolkevin included the hashtag #tagafriend

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