Texas City residents upset after finding KKK recruitment flyers in yards

TEXAS CITY – Texas City police are investigating after at least 17 homeowners in the 2600 block of 27th Avenue North received KKK flyers in their yards.

The flyers were folded up, put into plastic bags along with some candy and distributed to people who live on the street. Police believe they were put there sometime Monday night.

"It makes me physically sick to think these people were in my neighborhood and on my property where my children play," said Marvel Bliss, who lives on 27th Avenue North. "I've been here four years and we've never had something like this happen."

Most neighbors feel the same way, they told Channel 2 it's a diverse area where everyone knows each other and is kind. 

"There's nobody on this block that would welcome that here," said Mark Pandanell. "We don't need that hatefulness," he said.

Pandanell said he handed over his flyer to the police and he hopes they figure out who distributed them. 

In an email, investigators said, "The Texas City Police Department considers this incident a criminal matter and will be seeking any criminal charges applicable. 

This is an ongoing investigation and anyone with information is encouraged to contact Det. J. Winstead at 409-643-5838."

Anonymous tipsters can call Mainland Communities Crime Stoppers at 409-945-8477.