Man accused of killing neighbor returns to jail

HOUSTON – The man accused of shooting and killing his neighbor in January is headed back to jail.

Hector Campos previously met a $50,000 bond, but a judge increased his bond to $175,000 during a hearing Tuesday.

Campos was taken back into custody.

Investigators said Campos shot and killed his neighbor, 53-year-old Ana Weed, outside her Spring home in January.

“We really need to have justice for my daughter. I promised her the day that he murdered her,” said Virginia Montalvo, Ana Weed’s mother.

Investigators said there have been an ongoing dispute between the neighbors.

Montalvo lives not far from Campos in their Spring neighborhood and is in fear of her life. 

“We are so in fear this man is out. Can’t understand. This man is out. He murdered my daughter four months ago. I live in fear. So he really, really needs to be put back,” Montalvo said.

Montalyo said that she and Weed helped Campos' wife escape and her daughter died for her good deed. 

On an overhead screen in court, Montalvo said a knife was found in the couple’s baby crib. She said this made Campos’ wife fearful. However, Campos testified in court that the "knife" was actually a letter opener. 

Campos’ defense attorney, Jon Parchman, said prosecutors used his bond as a punishment.

“They’re trying to say he’s guilty of something ... that he’s done all of these bad acts. But we haven’t had a chance to present our witnesses or really cross examine anyone,” Parchman said.

Prosecutor Josh Phanco said they did not want to try the entire case in the bond hearing.

“We spent some extra time trying to find what we could show to prove up that he was a danger and we could ask for a higher bond,” Phanco said.

Campos will sit in jail until his family and attorneys determine if he could pay the bond. 

“We want justice for Ana. She deserves that. She was killed in cold blood and this man needs to be put away,” said Carmen Guillen, Weed's sister. “He’s a monster and he’s a danger not only to us … to the family ... but he’s a danger to the community and he needs to be in jail.”   

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