Click2Daily: Artists transform electrical boxes into mini murals throughout Houston

HOUSTON – All over Houston, at more than 170 locations, talented artists are transforming ugly, gray traffic signal boxes into gorgeous works of art.

The Mini Murals project was created by Noah Quiles and his wife, Elia Quiles in 2015 with the goal of simply remaking that which is drab and plain and uninspiring and turning it into a piece of public beauty for all to see.

More than 30 artists are showing incredible creativity in creating these fantastic works of art that are popping up all over the city.

PHOTOS: Artists transform electrical boxes into works of art

The murals are fanciful and fun. Some pay tribute to famous figures like Dr. Red Duke and Martin Luther King. Others are meant to capture your imagination and fill you with wonder.

One such mural shows a raccoon peering out from inside a wooden crate.

VIDEO: Artists at work on Mini Mural Project promoting civic pride throughout Houston

The goal of the project creators is to make Houston a much more beautiful place and to eventually cover the city’s 2,500 traffic control boxes with stunning works of great art.

As Noah Quiles puts it, “We just want to make people smile and marvel at what these artists are able to capture and bring to all of us, regardless of where you live."

Last week, the Houston City Council gave the project a boost by voting to partially fund the painting of the electrical boxes by artists associated with UP Art Studio -- the creators of the project.

Today we learning how a group of artists are transforming Houston's ugly electrical boxes into works of beatiful art.

Posted by KPRC2 Bill Spencer on Wednesday, May 24, 2017