Houstonians march for human rights in downtown

HOUSTON – Many Houstonians gathered Saturday afternoon at Discovery Green in support of human rights.

The march in was led from Discovery Green to Houston City hall.

Black Lives Matter and other groups stood together for every community, and issues such as local and national concerns, the immigrant community, pushing for fairness and the homeless people in Houston.   

"Every community that you can think of has come under attack,” Black Lives Matter member Ashton Wood said. “So, this event is a solidarity event, a solidarity march. That's why it's called the march for human rights, a time to come together and: one to set boundaries. That we should respect each other as movements but to also say that we are here as allies, as well.”

The rallies and protests followed Senate Bill 4 -- otherwise known as the anti-sanctuary city bill was signed into law by Governor Abbot on May 7.

Another rally -- earlier Saturday afternoon took the law to task.

The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups rallied in opposition to the law.

The law will ban cities, counties and universities from prohibiting their local law enforcement officers from asking about immigration status and enforcing immigration law.

Officers who actively ignore the legislation could be fined or hit with a charge themselves.

The law will also allow police officers to ask about a person's immigration status during any legal detention, which could include a routine traffic stop.

Supporters said the law makes streets safer by keeping criminals who are be here illegally off the streets and out of the country.

Opponents said it will lead to racial profiling and contribute to pre-existing fears within the Latino community.

Governor Greg Abbot signed SB4 into law on May 7.