Husband tied up, held at gunpoint during home invasion in west Houston

HOUSTON – A Houston homeowner is thankful to be alive after being hog-tied and beaten by five armed robbers who broke into his home.

It happened Friday afternoon in the Briar Forest area.

The man's wife and two kids were not home at the time, they had just left.

"They hog-tied him, dragged him around the home and beat him with a gun," said the wife.

She asked KPRC2 not to reveal their identities because the armed robbers have not been caught.

The men were in the house for about 30 minutes; they ransacked every room.

"They went through every room," she said. "Every single drawer, they even went through my washer and dryer."

The robbers were looking for cash.

The couple told Channel 2, the police believe they were targeted because they own a business.

They got away with several thousand dollars, some jewelry, expensive hand bags and a few guns.

The wife realizes it could have been a lot worse. The men held a gun to his head the entire time and even tried to cut off one of his fingers with a pair of scissors.

"He's just grateful to be alive."

There is surveillance video and pictures of the culprits, but the family says the Houston police took the entire DVR to their security system.

The HPD sergeant investigating the case said it would be next week before they would be able to release the images.

The wife said the robbers were in a silver Toyota SUV. There were six men total, one stayed in the vehicle during the robbery and five went inside.

They had their faces covered, one was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt and they all spoke Spanish.

Anyone with information should contact the police.

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