Blind man falls out of METRORail train in downtown Houston

HOUSTON – Oscar Pavon is completely blind and gets around his home and other parts of Houston with the use of a walking cane.

That includes the METRORail system but the 56-year-old is recovering after a mishap that left him bruised and battered.

"I fell out of the train, onto the street," recalls Pavon.

Pavon says he was traveling to a doctor's appointment Thursday around noon on the Green Line when the overhead system announced they were arriving at the Main Street Station.

He says when the door opened he moved to exit.

The problem is -- the train was stopped in the middle of the intersection between San Jacinto and Fannin -- not at a platform -- and Pavon went headfirst to the street below.

"I hit my leg real hard and it bled," he remembers. "And my back felt like I was getting stabbed in the back, like they laid hot iron on my back."

As he heals, Pavon says he isn't asking for much -- just for METRO to examine their system so the same thing doesn't happen to anyone else -- and for assistance in his recovery.

"Just to help me with my health," he says. "Find out what's wrong with my leg."

METRO has confirmed the incident and in a statement to Channel 2 says, "METRO is investigating an incident in which a patron fell off of one of our trains when the doors opened before the train pulled into a station. The safety of our passengers is of the utmost importance, and we take these matters seriously."

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