Woman, 91, dies after hit-and-run crash in The Heights

HOUSTON – A woman in the Houston Heights died Thursday night in a Hit-and-Run accident, less than a block from her home.

Arline Gomez, 91, had lived on the 1500 Block of Harvard for decades, neighbors said.

Gomez was crossing the 100 East 15th St., when she was struck by an SUV.

The driver did not remain at the scene, and is wanted by the Houston Police Department.

Gomez was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center and into surgery, where she died.

Gomez was described by a neighbor as fit, strong-willed, and loving.

"She's super fit, really kind to me. She didn't like people turning around in her driveway, because she thought it was going to wear out the driveway," Karla Minick said.

Minick was upset Friday, because she had made Gomez, who has a sweet-tooth, dessert, but had not yet had a chance to deliver it,"

"It's still in my refrigerator," Minick said.

If you have information about this crime call the Houston Police Department or Crime stoppers of Houston at 713-222-TIPS.

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