New connector ramp to alleviate traffic concerns at US 290, I-10, 610

HOUSTON – A new connecting ramp that allows drivers on I-10 to directly access US 290 outbound and 610 North Loop east is completed after this weekend's construction, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.

TxDOT said the ramp provides relief to drivers who "experience the daily weave on 610 West Loop northbound mainlanes between I-10 and US 290."

The work this past weekend finalized pavement markings, signage and will safely switch traffic to the new lanes.

Beginning at 7 p.m. Saturday, through 5 a.m. Monday, the following was closed:

  • I-10 eastbound and westbound connector ramps to 610 northbound were closed. Drivers were detoured to 610 southbound, exited at Woodway, U-turned to I-610 northbound.
  • 610 northbound from US 290 to W. 18th will have two outside lanes closed.
  • 610 northbound exit ramp to US 290 had the outside lane closed on the ramp. The exit ramp was closed for approximately one hour as work progressed.

Once the new connector opened, drivers needed to adjust to the new traffic configuration.

  • From I-10: The exit from I-10 will remain in its current location. Instead of joining the 610 mainlanes, drivers will move towards the right onto the new, three-lane connector. The inside lane will exit to US 290 and the right two lanes will continue to 610 eastbound. There will be an exit from the connector to access W. 18th/Minimax/Hempstead.
  • From 610 northbound: Two additional mainlanes will open north of Old Katy Road, giving a total of five mainlanes. The outside lane will become a dedicated exit ramp to US 290, with four mainlanes continuing on 610, and an optional exit to W. 18th. Past the exit, the outside lane merges giving a total of three mainlanes continuing on 610.

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