Mother claims preteen sexually assaulted two children at park

HOUSTON – A Northeast Houston mother says she’s devastated after her son and another child in the neighborhood were sexually assaulted by a 12-year-old boy.

“You can't trust anybody. You can't even trust them outside with kids,” Amanda Pierce said. "You know, you think you have to worry about other adults, but it's kids their age that are doing stuff.”

Pierce said on Tuesday afternoon after school, she allowed her twin 7-year-old sons to play at the neighborhood playground at Stonehedge Park, which is located at the corner of Sterling Stone and Stone Bluff Drive.

She said a 12-year-old boy lured one of her sons off into an area by telling him that they could dig there for a dinosaur tooth.

"When he got him over there, he sexually assaulted my son," Pierce said. 

Pierce accuses the middle school student of pulling down his pants and telling her first-grader to perform sexual acts.

"My son came home crying. My son was choked by the boy, hit by the boy in the eye,” said Pierce about what happened after her son said no. "My son was able to get away from him and my other son saw another boy getting sexually assaulted a few minutes later by the same boy."

Pierce said her son saw the 12-year-old sexually assault the other boy.  

“My son, that witnessed it, told me about it, so I went walking to find out who this 12-year-old was and who did this,” said Pierce. She said her sons showed her the 8-year-old victim’s home. 

“I told the mother what happened and she pulled him outside and asked him what he did that day and he told her everything,” Pierce said. "We called the police as soon as it happened. Ambulance came and took the other boy to the hospital. I've called Harris County. I've called the police yesterday because this boy still got off the bus yesterday."

The mother of five said even though her children don’t go to the same school as the preteen, she’s upset he’s still on the bus with other students in the neighborhood.

"It makes you wonder if something is going on with him, that somebody did it to him, but I consider him a sexual predator at this point,” Pierce said, "because he lured my child away with a story. He knew what he was doing.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said it is currently investigating the case. There have been no arrests, but since it’s a juvenile case, the office said it can’t release much information.

“'I've called the special victims. They haven’t assigned an investigator to the case yet, so I don't even know where it's going from here,” Pierce said. "I just know that I don't feel protected here. I don't feel like my kids can come outside. I haven't even sent my kids to school. I’m scared more than disgusted. I woke up crying this morning, because, I don't know, what do you do at this point,? How do I? What do you do if this 12-year-old continues to get away with it?"