Mom claims son captured his guardian angel on camera

HOUSTON – AAsher, 7, who lives in Alvin, Texas, just got back from a trip to Washington, D.C., and he’s become a semi-famous photographer.

“He is, he is such a blessing,” says Kerri Lisles.

It wasn’t until Kerri gave birth to AAsher that she learned he had Down syndrome. It’s something the family has embraced since day one.

“We did name him AAsher with the two capital A’s because of the extra chromosome,” says Lisles. “We couldn’t ask for an awesomer kid.”

Some awesome pictures the boy has taken includes one of his recent snapshots. During a trip home from visiting his older brother, he pointed his mom’s iPhone out the window and grabbed a shot that has raised a few eyebrows.

“So we’re taking off and there’s a lot of turbulence and he’s sitting next to me,” recalls Lisles. “Of course, when he sees the phone he wants it, he starts taking pictures, and I’m like, cool, cause that’s kind of distracting him from, you know, that part.”

AAsher took dozens of pictures during take-off. After the plane got past the bumps, Lisles got her phone back.