Calf born with 2 extra hind legs attached to neck

KFYR – A ranch in North Dakota recently welcomed a very unique delivery, according to a report from KFYR.

It started with a confusing phone call from rancher Gerald Skalsky's wife DeeAnn.

"I was at the sales barn on a Wednesday, and my wife DeeAnn says this heifer is calving and there is something strange going on," said Skalsky.

Gerald was in for a shock when he got home.

"So I come home in an hour and then I understood," he said. "There's extra legs on the neck. Oh, OK, now I get what you are trying to tell me."

[WATCH: Calf born with 6 legs]

The calf was born with a polygenic birth defect, causing it to have an extra set of hind legs attached at the neck. Polygenic defects can be fatal in calves, but not in this case.

Although the calf is living without problems, the Skalskys are still considering surgery.

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