Baylor University student proposes to girlfriend during graduation ceremony

(Baylor University Facebook)

WACO, Texas – A Baylor University graduate used his graduation ceremony spotlight on Saturday to surprise his girlfriend.

Joseph Dizdar had just received a degree in integrated studies when he took over the microphone from which his name had just been called and called out to his girlfriend.

"Nicole Whitehead, in 112, I love you so much and I was wondering, will you marry me?" Dizdar said.

Dizdar got down on a knee and invited Whitehead to meet him on the stadium floor.

Whitehead said yes to his proposal as the stadium erupted in cheers and applause.

A video of  the moment was shared on Baylor University's Facebook page with the caption:

"How do you top finally getting your Baylor degree? By getting a "Yes!" to your marriage proposal at the same time!!"

Most of the comments on the video were congratulatory, but others called the proposal "inconsiderate" to the person who was in line behind Dizdar and whose name was apparently not heard over the cheers for the couple.

One person tagged the student, Madelina Escobar, and said she felt that her moment of celebration was stolen by the stunt.

"This is cute, I guess, but not really. My friend was the person behind him (and)  this prevented her (and) her family/friends from hearing her name being called. She's the first person in her family to graduate college so this is kind of upsetting to steal someone's moment like that. Madelina Escobar, so sorry your moment was interrupted but everyone is so proud of you," the Facebook user said.

Dizdar's mother replied to the comment with an apology to the student and said she would always pray for her success.


"Hi Madelina Escobar, I am the newly engaged man's mom. I wondered and was concerned about you and your position behind Duke after his impromptu proposal. Bless you, dear one. I will repeat your name over and over in my mind and to others and pray for prosperity in your walk after graduation and for your family and friends that support your journey," Kelly Dizdar said.



Baylor Graduation 2017 -- She Said "Yes!"

How do you top finally getting your #Baylor degree? By getting a "Yes!" to your marriage proposal at the same time!! Congratulations to the happy couple! 🐻🎓💍🎉

Posted by Baylor University on Saturday, May 13, 2017