2 River Oaks Elementary students tackle year-long project on concussions

HOUSTON – Concussions are to blame for some traumatic brain injuries and now studies indicate there are even deaths after concussions in youth sports.

Two River Oaks Elementary students contacted KPRC Channel 2 about bringing awareness to the dangers of concussions and said they hope this report helps parents make better decisions when allowing students to play football.

"I can't play football because my mom is worried about concussions," Andrew Love said.

Love and his partner, Richie Klosek, said they've learned what the symptoms are.

"Like nausea, headaches, vomit," Richie said.

Their persuasion got the attention of Houston Texans player Brian Cushing.

"He told us how his concussions happened," Andrew said but grinned as he admitted his parents have the final say in whether he can play.

Andrew's mom, Dr. Latonya Love, a UT Health physician, knows the real dangers of concussions.

"As a pediatrician, I've treated patients that have had head trauma," she said. "I know too much and I know the risk so I’m really glad they took the time to learn more."

No matter how much they've learned, she cannot be easily convinced to let them play.

"I'm still a little skeptical but I’m open to the conversation now that I’ve seen all the wonderful work and research that he's done on this topic," Love said.

That research might have already given them life-saving knowledge.

"You always have to tell a parent or coach because if you hide it, it's just going to get worse," Richie said.

The boys' final project will be on display at River Oaks Elementary on May 18.

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