Search for Karen Ramirez shifts to dumping 'hot spot,' EquuSearch says

Texas EquuSearch on Tuesday searched a utility right-of-way in southeast Houston that volunteers said is notorious for dumping.

They believe that Karen Ramirez’s boyfriend might have dumped her body there.

Volunteers gathered at a church Tuesday morning to pray for a miracle in finding the 26-year-old.

Riding ATVs, they searched in a field with patches of wooded areas along fence lines, power lines and pipelines in southeast Houston.

EquuSearch called the area a "hot spot" for dumping. Trash cans were visible nearby.

PHOTOS: EquuSearch volunteers search for Karen Ramirez

Family and friends haven’t seen Ramirez since March 25. Police found her car abandoned a week after she was reported missing.

Her boyfriend, Miguel Buezo, is charged in her death, but police said he booked a flight to Honduras a day after he killed her.

Texas EquuSearch said that with each passing day, the challenges increase.

“We got a lot, of course, (of) decomposition since it eliminates some of the ways we can detect where she is, but we’re coming across terrain that is pretty think and tough but people are determined to hide people, you just have to look in every kind of place,” Frank Black of Texas EquuSearch said.

Volunteers said they are hopeful they’ll find Ramirez’s body and bring closure to her family.

They'll search until 4 p.m. Tuesday.


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