Man arrested in connection with shooting deaths in La Marque, Texas City

Charles Henderson, 24, charged with murder, capital murder

Charles Henderson
Charles Henderson

LA MARQUE, Texas – A man has been arrested for his involvement in the shooting deaths of two men in two separate incidents.

A man was arrested in connection with the shooting death of another man on March 15 in La Marque after confessing his involvement, police said.

Police began their homicide investigation after Robbie Lewis, 33, was shot to death outside a Circle T convenience store at 2435 FM 1765 in La Marque following a physical altercation.

Police said Lewis initially got into a fight at a Citgo at 5904 FM 1765, but the fight moved to the Circle T, where a vehicle pulled up next to Lewis' vehicle and a person shot him.

Surveillance video shows Lewis then sped out of the parking lot, traveled across Lake Road and stopped in the parking lot of Lake Road Elementary School.

Police said Lewis got out of his car and ran back to the Circle T, where he went into the store and collapsed. He was then taken to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

An autopsy showed Lewis had been shot several times in the torso.

During the investigation, Charles Henderson, 24, was named a primary suspect in the shooting, but police said there was not enough evidence to formally charge Henderson with Lewis' murder.

In a separate incident in Texas City, police were called to the 1200 block of Appomattox Drive on April 20 to find a man, who was identified as Anthony Sonnier, 29, had been shot several times as he sat in the passenger sear of a vehicle.

Sonnier was taken to the University of Texas Medical Branch, where he was pronounced dead.

During their investigation, police identified Henderson as a suspect.

On Thursday, police conducted a traffic stop on Henderson, who was arrested for traffic violations and taken to the La Marque Police Department.

While in custody, police said Henderson was interviewed by investigators and provided a confession to his involvement in the murder of Lewis. Henderson was searched and a handgun was found, police said.


Henderson is charged with murder in the death of Lewis and capital murder in the death of Sonnier.

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