Missing 12-year-old Houston girl found safe, police say

HOUSTON – Thalia Macias, a 12-year-old Houston girl who has been missing for two weeks, was found safe Friday, police said.

Thalia was last seen in the 5200 block of Ratama Street in southeast Houston where she was staying with her mom. Police said she ran away.

"She ran away because of her mother. Her mother has never been a mother to her, and I guess she didn't want to be there," said Thalia's aunt, Alma Romero, who lives in San Antonio.

Romero told Channel 2 she raised the girl from the time she was born until last year, when she went back to live with her dad, and most recently her mom.

Both her parents are now in jail, Romero said.

Romero said she had one brief phone call with Thalia on April 21 -- but someone quickly hung up the phone.

Others have said they spotted Thalia at a Starbucks and that she was seen near the Gulfgate Mall with an older man.

"I talked to her one time on the 21st when I made the police report. She called me through Facebook and told me, 'Come get me.' When I said, 'I'll be there, baby,' that's when somebody made her hang up the phone, and that was the last time I heard her voice," Romero said.

Police did not immediately say where Thalia had been during the two weeks she has been missing, but said that she has been reunited with her family.

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