Woman not pleased with store's response after finding bird parts in bag of spinach

HOUSTON – "Not pleasant all the way around."

That's the way Kimberly Delafuente put it.

The unpleasant find, she claimed, was in a bag of spinach she opened on Monday.

"An entire part of a bird's wing was in the bag of spinach," Delafuente said.

It was a find that left her and her family grossed out.

Delafuente said she purchased the bag of spinach Saturday from the Whole Foods at Bellaire and Weslayan.

"I thought it was a weed or some other plant that had made it into the spinach, but as I looked more closely, I saw a feather and as I looked further down, bones, cartilage," she said.

Delafuente said she brought the incident to the attention of a manager at the store.

"The response I was given was, 'Well we can give you a new bag of spinach or refund your money,'" she said.

That answer was not strong enough, according to Delafuente.

Whole Foods corporate eventually got in touch with her on Wednesday.

Delafuente would like the product recalled.

"Really I just want them to do the right thing," she said.

Delafuente has concerns, not just for the bag she bought, but the chance that there are others.

"I'm sure the other parts of the bird are somewhere else, and I'm giving them this knowledge and why aren't they doing anything about it?" she said.

A spokesperson from Whole Foods told KPRC2:

“We take all customer claims seriously and we are continuing to investigate this situation.”