Restaurant Report Card: Rodent waste found in local restaurant

HOUSTON – Rodents, whether they are rats or mice, all leave something behind to tell us they’ve been out to see us: rodent waste. 

That’s exactly what Houston restaurant inspectors found inside The New Thai Lily Café located at 2390 South Dairy Ashford Road.

Inspectors report finding rodent droppings or rodent waste underneath the reach-in freezer.

From there, we move on to many a child’s favorite place, The Marble Slab Creamery inside the Galleria Mall, where health inspectors spotted dead cockroaches around the ice cream cones.

They also found more cockroaches accumulating on and around the insect traps in the restaurant.

Speaking of cockroaches, we found them lying dead all over the floor at Golden Hunan II located on Bingle Road.

In fact, health inspectors ordered the restaurant closed down temporarily because of a roach problem on a big scale.

When Channel 2 News went to the restaurant at 2953 Bingle Road, we could see dozens of dead roaches lying all over the floor throughout the dining room.

The good news is they were all dead.

File: Restaurant report card health inspector file - April 27

While we are still on a roach rant, we move on to Taqueria La Reforma, located at 620 Little York Road.

Here, the restaurant inspectors noted finding several cockroaches under the three compartment kitchen sinks.

Finally, at the Berryhill Baja Grill on Buffalo Speedway, health inspectors report finding slime in the ice machine.

Meanwhile we are sending out huge congratulations to the legendary Pappasito’s at 1600 Lamar.

The Pappasito’s crew earns our coveted A-Plus Award for a perfect restaurant inspection with zero mistakes, and we say that rates a big, beefy, burrito booooo-yaaaaah!

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