Cat stares down rattlesnake in south Texas town

Laguna Vista feline has no fear

LAGUNA VISTA, Texas – A feline in a south Texas town is proving that he's no scaredy cat.

A photo of the cat sitting fearlessly just a few feet from a rattlesnake was posted on the Laguna Vista Police Department's Facebook page.

The police department included the photo in a post that warns residents about the end of snake hibernation season: "Generally, rattlesnakes emerge from hibernation in March or April, or when the average daytime temperatures reach and remain about 60 degrees and higher. The snakes are then most active when the temperatures are between 80-90 degrees. This means that the snakes may be active most of the day during the spring, and during the early mornings and late afternoons throughout the summer." 

A group of bird watchers spotted the rattlesnake-cat staredown on a walking trail over the weekend, and alerted police.

The police department's post also included photos of the snake's capture.