Accident involving 18-wheeler snarls eastbound traffic on I-10 near Baytown

BAYTOWN, Texas – The Baytown Police Department is investigating a major accident in the 9500 block of I-10 on Monday.

An 18-wheeler rolled over, according to the department.

Heavy traffic was present on the freeway between North Main and Sjolander near the Chevron plant for a few hours while police conducted their investigation.

Only minor injuries were reported.

Initial reports said an eastbound 18-wheeler swerved to miss another vehicle in the next lane. The big rig then jackknifed and rolled on its side, according to reports.

All eastbound lanes were blocked by the trailer and one westbound lane was closed due to the truck's cab.

At least four other passenger vehicles were damaged in the accident, police said.

The 18-wheeler was loaded with dry goods and there are no hazardous-material concerns at this time.

[WATCH: Aerial footage of jackknifed 18-wheeler]