Mother accused of recording herself gagging baby, tying plastic bag on his head back in jail

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HUMBLE, Texas – An Humble woman accused of brutally abusing a child will face two additional charges after police reviewed more evidence, officials said.

According to court documents, Jamelle Andrea Peterkin, 23, stuffed a plastic bag in the baby’s mouth and covered the child’s head with a plastic bag and tied it in a knot on March 13.

"There were some pictures taken approximately a month ago. Officers  arrived at a day care and they observed some disturbing photos.  They also saw video of the complainant in a car seat and an adult hand was seen stuffing a plastic bag into the mouth of the complainant, who appeared to have difficulty breathing," a prosecutor said. "Officers also saw another still picture of the complainant in a child car seat with a plastic bag over his head, covering the face and tying it in a knot."

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Prosecutors said that during an interview with police, Peterkin told officers she was upset with the baby’s father when she pulled into a parking lot on Eastex Freeway, took the pictures and video and sent them to her ex-boyfriend.

Court documents said Peterkin failed to take the child to a doctor or hospital.

According to the Harris County District Attorney's office, Peterkin was arrested Tuesday, after being released on bond, and two additional charges were filed against her: 

"The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has filed two additional charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and assault (of a) family member impeding breath on the defendant, Jamelle Andrea Peterkin, 23. 

"These charges were added after reviewing all of the video and photographic evidence provided by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The videos and photographs appear to be all from the same time, but show the defendant inflicting more harm to the child than was originally known at the time that the first charge of endangering a child was filed."

RAW VIDEO: Mother accused of gagging baby, tying plastic bag on his head appears in court 

An order of protection was issued Monday ordering Peterkin not to be within 200 feet of the child.

During her first court appearance Peterkin wiped tears from her eyes as the judge read the terms of the protection order.

She told the judge on Monday that her mother was picking her up from jail and would have the baby with her. She asked the judge if she had to find another ride.

“You’ll have to find someone else (to pick you up), because if you get within 200 feet of the child while this order is pending, she’s going to have to bring that child to 701 San Jacinto to visit you because you’re going to be in jail,” the judge said.

Peterkin has since been arrested and charged with endangering a child, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and assault of a family member impeding breath on the defendant. She is being held in jail on a $115,000 bond. 

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