VIDEO: Marvin Gaye song can make babies stop crying

HOUSTON – Marvin Gaye is known to set the mood, but now, one of his most famous songs is changing the mood of a sometimes cranky baby.

1-year-old Brilynn’s family says she can be in a dead sleep or crying her eyes out, but when Marvin Gaye says “let's get it on,” she turns off the attitude.

“She likes to dance. She'll do other dances, too, she will shimmy and shake,” said her father, Blaine Thornton.

But he said the love for this song started with a TV commercial... a company trying to sell candy revealed something sweet to Brilynn’s parents

“Every time we saw it would come on --the commercial-- she would just stop what she was doing and drop everything and turn around and look,” Thornton said.

Now, while Marvin Gaye is singing about trying to hold back feelings, baby Brilynn is more than happy to show hers.