Errors in 65 cases lead to transfer of crime scene investigator, authorities say

HOUSTON – A crime scene investigator in the Houston Police Department was transferred after investigators found dozens of errors in case reports.

The Houston Forensic Science Center on Wednesday reported to the state’s forensic oversight commission on the errors made by a crime scene investigator that required final case reports to be amended.

In auditing the officer’s cases dating back to October 2015, HFSC found 65 cases with incomplete documentation, according to an HFSC release. Thirty-two had additional administrative errors, and evidence had been misplaced in eight instances.

The affected cases include 26 homicides and five officer-involved shootings. The district attorney has been notified of all the incidents.

HFSC amended all 65 case reports.

The crime-scene officer was reassigned to a patrol position in the Houston Police Department, according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

The problems were found during an audit of 88 cases on which the investigator worked after a few issues were noted in a handful of cases, HFSC said.

The supervisor who conducted the initial technical reviews of the investigator’s work and did not identify the quality issues has been temporarily removed from duties, the organization said.