Sen. Ted Cruz opens up about international issues in KPRC2 interview

HOUSTON – To an audience of about 100 employees at an aerospace and energy company in Stafford, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz shared some economic policy ideas.

The senator insisted there be less government regulation for small businesses like the one he visited in Stafford on Monday, called "Atec," a NASA subcontractor. Also, Cruz stressed the need for increased government funding for space programs.

"Well, thank you very much. It's great to be with you," he said. "We stand solidly behind space and space exploration and America's leadership in space and that I think that is very good for the country but it's also very good for Texas because there's a whole lot of jobs here in Texas that depend upon America's continued leadership in space."

The former Republican presidential candidate took a tour of the Atec facility before addressing the crowd and answering questions.

He later took a moment to speak with reporters, answering questions about matters like foreign policy.

On the topic of Syria and President Donald Trump's latest airstrikes, Cruz suggested the president think carefully about any further military move in that country.

"I would be very concerned if the administration were contemplating prolonged military engagement in Syria," he said.

But tension with Syria or its ally, Russia, isn't the senator's only concern.

There's also the threat of war with North Korea.

"Certainly, sending more assets to the Pacific, there's always a risk of escalation and we hope that our military leadership is prudent," he said.

Cruz also discussed the failed Republican attempt at passing an alternative health care bill and insisted he would continue to work on another health care bill.

"For seven years, Republicans have campaigned promising the American people, 'If you elect us, we will repeal Obamacare.' We have got to honor that commitment. That's a promise we have to keep," he said.