Officials implode Anadarko Timberloch building in Woodlands

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – Officials are working to clean up the streets surrounding the once-standing Anadarko Timberloch building after it was imploded Sunday morning. 

Barricades were placed, streets were blocked off and authorities stood around the perimeter of the 650-foot building when it took a plunge at 7 a.m Sunday. 

[Sky 2 aerials of Anadarko building implosion in Woodlands]

Montgomery County officials have closed the following streets to ensure the dust and rubble gets cleaned up: 

Woodloch Forest Drive between Woodlands Parkway and Lake Robbins Drive;

Timberloch Place from the I-45 feeder road to Woodloch Forest Drive;

Waterway Square traffic will be pushed to Waterway Avenue as Woodloch Forest Drive will be closed.

The former Anadarko building housed Anadarko Petroleum employees before those employees were moved to the newer Hackett Tower, officials said. 

In 2010 the business posted a news release stating that the building had been awarded the LEED Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. 

This certification is awarded to businesses that attempt to conserve energy through light, water, energy and other materials. 

Officials said the building was vacant and that it was more cost-efficient to tear the building down instead of maintaining a vacant building. 

Officials said now that the building is gone, they have the flexibility to build something more suitable for their future campus.