Harris Co. Pct. 3 deputy constable involved in shooting in northeast Harris County

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A Harris County Precinct 3 deputy constable was involved in a shooting Monday morning in northeast Harris County.

Officers shot a man after multiple car thefts and a chase in Northeast Harris County, according to investigators.

Deputy constables said a homeowner called them around 2:15 a.m.

“I heard glass shatter on the floor, so I immediately got up,” the victim said.

The woman did not want to release her identity. She said thieves targeted two of her cars Monday.

“I saw a man sitting in the truck and his buddy checking our vehicles,” said the victim.

She called 911 when she saw the men.

“I stayed on the phone with them (dispatch), updating them on every single move they did. What they were driving. What they looked like,” she said. “They actually broke into the work truck first and then they saw what they liked so they thought they would check again and go to my work car.”

Deputies found the men inside the pickup truck, and they took off.

“Deputies were able to surround the suspect vehicle. Suspect vehicle then began to flee away heading toward deputies, at which time deputies began firing,” Landon McDonald, with the Harris County Precinct 3 deputy constable's office.

They chased the driver and trapped the pickup truck at Maple Green Lane and Stonefield. Investigators said the driver rammed into a patrol car before deputies shot the driver in the shoulder and arrested another man and woman.

UPDATE: A Pct. 3 deputy Constable opened fire on three people in a pickup truck after a chase and attempted car burglary. KPRC2

Posted by KPRC2 Cathy Hernandez on Monday, April 10, 2017

Investigators said the truck was stolen and they found stolen items inside, including one victim's tailgate.

“My truck was broken into and the tailgate was stolen and tablets are gone off the dash,” said Mike Hernandez. “It’s gut wrenching because I was like, ‘Man, not again.’ When is it going to stop?”

Doctors released the driver from a hospital later Monday morning.

None of the deputies were hurt.

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