Dozens gather in peace, prayer to mourn Syrian victims in Houston

HOUSTON – Just a week after dozens of Syrians, including children and babies, were killed in a chemical weapons attack, Sunday night Houstonians came together to pray for the violence to end in Syria and mourn the loss of life in that country.

“I’m here to support all of those lost. Those who lost their lives for no reason.  I want to show my support for them because in the end we are all one,” said Ty Ross.

The rally began at 7:15 p.m. at Bagby Park in Midtown.

There were candles and flowers and prayers for the victims and for others living in fear in Syria.

One of the speakers, Shireen Jasser of Aleppo, Syria, and who still has family living in Syria, said she praises President Donald Trump for taking action to stop the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from using banned chemical weapons again, she said.

Her uncle and her 17-year-old cousin were murdered by the Assad regime.

She said her cousin was tortured to death.

“My uncle who was a teacher and a family man was going to work as a teacher and as he was returning home his car was shelled, bombed and he was killed”, Jasser said.

At the rally, the Pre-emptive Love Coalition said it raised more than $6,500 which they said will go to help the people struggling in Syria.