Parents of murdered children rally to keep killer behind bars

(Family photo)

HOUSTONParents of murdered children gathered in Memorial Park Saturday morning to petition the possibility of their children’s killers getting out on parole.

“She was beautiful, she had green eyes and she was beautiful and she loved everybody and everything. She was just full of it,” Jorita Kaltwasser said about her daughter.

Jorita Kaltwasser’s ‘beautiful’ young daughter Judy and her husband Larry were viciously killed back in 1976.

“He shot our daughter twice in the head. He shot our son-in-law six times in the head,” Kaltwasser said.

A judge sentenced Louis Wright, Jr. to three life sentences.

However, Kaltwasser said she has gotten no real closure.

“Every three years, two and a half we’re given another notice for his review for his parole possibly,” Kaltwasser said.

Like Mrs. Kaltwasser, many parents who have lost their children never find closure knowing their children’s killer might walk the streets again. So, they hit the streets themselves to get signatures in hopes that they will save other people’s lives.

“We have all these cases that are out here. Petitions of convicted killers currently being considered for parole. So we’re out here letting the public know they’re available asking for their help their help by signing petitions,” Houston Victim’s Advocate Andy Kahan said. 

For loved ones, each signature is a step toward closer to peace.

According to Kahan, it usually takes parole boards in Texas four to six months to decide.

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