School grants family's wish for daughter's memorial page in yearbook


HOUSTON – The grieving family of Hannah Hollis petitioned last week for a page in the high school's yearbook after their daughter took her own life. 

"If she would have just known how much we loved her, she would have known it was a mistake," Hannah's sister, Holleigh said.

Hannah's classmates at Pearland High School approached the yearbook staff about creating an "in memoriam" page in honor of the teen. The family said the request was denied.

Students, friends, family and community member rallied together to petition the school in an effort to commemorate the "fun-loving" girl. 

"The teacher told her, you know, 'No, we can't do that because of the way Hannah passed,'" Hannah's older sister Lauren said.

The sisters said they were told that the problem was the way Hannah lost her life.

"This administration tells us that they won't make this page because they think that if children see it, then it will urge them to do the same thing, and I completely disagree with that," Holleigh said.

However, after a petition collected  more than 6,000 signatures and a meeting with the family, school officials decided to allow a page in the yearbook to be dedicated to Hannah.  

Pearland High School released the following statement on Wednesday: 

"From the beginning, Pearland High School's and Pearland ISD's intention was and has been to allow the Hollis family time to grieve. We have now had an opportunity to visit with the family to discuss how to best honor Hannah. PHS will have a remembrance page in the yearbook for any Oiler they have lost, and this will include Hannah. We will continue to provide support for all students and have Hannah's friends and family in our thoughts and prayers."