Surveillance video captures man robbing woman at SW Houston gas station

HOUSTON – Police are looking for a man who jumped into a woman’s car and robbed her at a Shell station in Southwest Houston last Monday afternoon.

Investigators released surveillance video which caught the whole incident.

“Everything was a shock to me, it freighted me to death," Linda Pitre said.

It was around 3:40 p.m. on 11900 block of Main Street.

She said she had went inside the gas station to grab a drink when she noticed a man watching her.

“He had a pineapple soda, that's what he was waiting to pay for and he kept on cutting his eyes over at me and I had my wallet this way toward the cashier,” explained Pitre.

She said the young men in the store had already beat her outside. When she walked to her car surveillance video captured a gray Lexus LS 460 with a paper license plate pull up next to the pumps on the other side of her car.

[WATCH: Surveillance video captures man robbing woman at gas station]

"I saw my passenger door open and I was turning in slow motion,” explained Pitre.

Police said a man got out of the Lexus and forced open the passenger side door of the woman’s vehicle and took her wallet from her hand.

Police said the man ran back to the Lexus and hopped in the back seat and the car sped off.

“I would tell him he shouldn't have done me like that. We work hard for what we get, we have to pay our bills, and they took all of our bill money. All of it,” explained Pitre.

She said she had $1,000 in $20 bills she had withdrawn from the bank for bills. The money, along with her license, social security card and credit cards were in the wallet.

The man is described as a black man between the age ages of 19 and 21, wearing a gray hooded coat and black jeans.

Police believe three more suspects were in the vehicle during the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Houston Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

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