Pearland residents excited for first liquor store opening

PEARLAND, Texas – Before Friday, Pearland residents had to travel outside city limits to purchase liquor-- but not anymore. A new liquor store had been added to the Costco on Business Center Drive.

City of Pearland officials tell Channel 2, the law changed back in November after a petition was filed that pushed for permits to operate liquor stores in the city. Up until then, officials said Pearland was considered a dry city with no liquor stores inside its limits.

Many people said they were shocked to see the liquor sales sign next to Costco. Many are excited it's finally in town because it's been a hassle driving elsewhere for liquor.

"It only takes 15 minutes, but we have a lot of traffic. It's just inconvenient." Pearland resident Cassandra Gerling-Perez said.

"I have a buddy that lives nearby. This will be convenient to pick something up and go back to his house. This will be wonderful for the community," said Maubrey Shorter, who lives close to Pearland.

"We finally got a liquor store around here, you ain't got to drive to Houston. You ain't got to drive all the way outside the city."

There are locations on the city line where many residents buy liquor, but city officials said those are technically not within the city of Pearland.

Officials also said there are several more permit applications in the works, so it is possible more liquor stores could be opening in the city within the next year.

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