Stolen truck found smashed into store

HOUSTON – When Steven Olson found his truck missing outside his apartment last Friday, he said he immediately called police.

He played detective, trying to track information from his stolen credit cards, but says he was alone.

"Up to two weeks before they could get an investigator assigned," Olson said.

After several days of looking, he still had no luck.

Channel 2 tried to help get the word out, and it just so happens, the right person decided to watch the news Tuesday night.

"I was like hold on, that truck looks familiar," Jason Massie said.

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Massie had seen Olson's truck Tuesday morning. Surveillance video showed where -- a smash and grab at Exxon in West Houston.

Massie, a salesperson with Coca-Cola was at the store afterwards, checking on his product.

"It just happened from there, I was like, wow, I guess it was just destined for me to turn the news on that day," Massie said.

He Facebook messaged us, and Channel 2 notified Olson his truck was found, but unfortunately not in the condition he had hoped.

"To have a nice truck, and to have it taken from me like that, it just makes me very angry," Olson said.

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Olson is also angry that police never even told him the truck was found. He says that may be his biggest frustration.

"I did give them a phone call this morning to let them know that I located my truck, no thanks to them," Olson said.

HPD says generally, it takes a few days to assign a case out, but based upon the caseload, it could take up to a week, depending on likelihood of solvable clues in that case at the time.

As for contacting the victim, HPD says the on-scene officer will do so if they can match the VIN to the plate number. If not, someone from records will contact them, usually in the same day.

If you have any information about this crime, you're asked to call police.

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