Wildlife Center of Texas admits its first baby armadillos of year

2 males washed up in concerned citizen's yard, wildlife officials say

HOUSTON – The Wildlife Center of Texas said it has admitted its first baby armadillos of the year.

Their arrival followed the last few days of heavy rains.

Wildlife officials said the two males washed up in a concerned citizen's yard with no mom in sight. The citizen brought the two to the center.

The baby armadillos are improving after receiving fluids and being examined by the center's veterinarian for possible pneumonia, officials said.

"Our state's official small mammal can eat up to 40,000 ants in one meal, including fire ants," the Wildlife Center of Texas said on its Facebook page. "The females always give birth to four genetically identical young in the spring. Though some consider armadillos a pest, simple hardware cloth can prevent any unwanted digging."

Because armadillo babies are born able to walk and with their eyes open, the two brothers will be released in a few weeks, officials said.

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