VIDEO: Man rides go-cart on busy road at night

HOUSTON – A man riding a go-cart at night on a busy road in the Houston area was captured on video.

Christa Floyd posted multiple videos to Facebook of a man wearing a reflective vest and safety glasses driving Monday night in the area of Federal Road and I-10 East Freeway.

He's driving fast and keeping pace, but the go-cart driver seemed a little out of place.

"This is not street legal. There's so many safety hazards," Christa Floyd, the driver who recorded the go-cart driver, said.

Christa Floyd was in the car with her fiancé, driving down Federal approaching I-10, when she saw another driver not quite on her level.

"I got a little closer and I thought oh my God, this is some kid from the neighborhood that doesn't know any better," Floyd said.

But as she approached, she noticed the speed racer definitely knew where he was and what he was doing.

"He didn't seem scared at all. I guess this is something he does pretty regular," Floyd said.

He wasn't scared, but she was, throwing on her hazards and tailing him the next few miles.

"I was worried that he would get crushed, by an 18-wheeler or distracted driver or somebody that just didn't see him," Floyd said.

Straight out of Mario Kart, that driver, just missing his balloons, shined bright in the headlights as he swerved in and out of traffic.

He's wearing all the proper gear, but Floyd says, he needs to find another track.

"There's no way they could've seen this little go cart, there's no way," Floyd said.

And this isn't the first strange sighting we've seen on Houston roadways:

There was the naked driver who decided to stop traffic with her dance moves, the kids who decided to illegally play some basketball, and the man who found the roads more romantic, popping the question right in the middle of I-45.

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